About the Team

The Louisiana Lagniappe

In 2013, the Southern rugby brackets were re-structured into what is now the True South Rugby Union. The True South offers larger matrices and more varied DII brackets, and spans Louisiana to Tennessee.

In response to the increased game schedule and traveling time, the New Orleans Halfmoons and the Baton Rouge Barbarians have teamed up to form a Southern Louisiana powerhouse called the Louisiana Lagniappe.

For the inaugural Southern DII Women’s Regional competition in May of 2014, the Louisiana Lagniappe earned the #1 seed in the True South and 6th place overall in the Southern rugby region. With renewed college teams at Tulane University and LSU, and a committed group of exceptional women’s club rugby players, we are excited to move forward with the Louisiana Lagniappe and work to develop women’s rugby in the South.

lagniappe crest

We’re not something…we’re something else…


President – Niki Button
Vice President – Nicole Brown
Match Secretary – Erin Anderson
New Orleans Captain – Nicole Brown
Baton Rouge Captain – Babyface

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