B.R.I.T. XV’s Battleship Tournament

B.R.I.T. XV's Battleship Tournament



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Rucktoberfest 6

Thank you, Dr. Mulcahey from Tulane Women’s Sports Medicine.

@ University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa

A victorious first game of the season in 95 degree weather! 26-19 win. Special thanks to Bucky for jumping in with us and putting several of those points on the board!


2nd Practice Fall 2018

Successful 2nd practice of the season! HUGE thanks to @NOLAGoldRugby and Taylor Howden for coaching an amazing session for our ladies tonight!

1st Place in Luau 7s at Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile, AL




Old Girls meet up March 7

Old meets New! Great to meet up with some Halfmoons Old Girls. In 1978 you started this club and made a legacy of a rugby team. 2018 marks 40 years for one of the oldest female rugby clubs in the US. Thank you!!!

Mardi Gras 2018