The Great American Bar Challenge

great american bar challenge3


Join the ladies of the Louisiana Lagniappe Women’s Rugby team for a bar challenge down Magazine on June 28, 2014!

Pitting 50 teams of 2 against each other, this bar challenge will be full of good ol’ American competition with a $100 cash prize for the winning team!

Price of entry: $30 PER TEAM, 2 people on a team (so $15 a person)
Max # of teams: 50
What you get: Lagniappe beer koozie, beer included in at least two challenges, beer deals at each bar, and beer at the after party
Prize: $100 cash prize for winning team

Teams will participate in a challenge at each bar for points with bonus challenges along the route!

The park on Camp between Pleasant and Toledano

Participating Bars:
Balcony Bar

America-themed costumes/outfits are strongly encouraged and bonus points will be awarded to the team with the best costume!

Pre-registration: Via the Paypal donation button located on the right. Put the name of both teammates in the notes section
– OR –
In person to Britney “Nunu” Gedeon or Brittany Vegso. Must pay for full team at time of pre-registration.

Registration and check-in will run from 12:30 – 1 pm on June 28th at the park on Camp St. between Pleasant and Toledano.

For more details and updates, check out the Facebook page here.

All funds raised will go to sponsor new jerseys for the Louisiana Lagniappe Women’s Rugby Team

Lagniappe #1 ranked team in the True South matrix and 6th in the Southern region this season!

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